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Biolog Announces New OmniLog® Combo System

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Biolog, Inc. announces the introduction of a new system capable of both microbial identification and kinetic characterization of cellular functions.

Core laboratories in university settings and industry are often pursuing research projects such as strain characterization, detailed comparisons between pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains of bacteria, or product contamination studies where access to both technologies in a single analytical system will be extremely beneficial.

The company’s method for microbial identification can allow laboratories to identify and characterize a wide range of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria across diverse fields of microbiology.

With the added capabilities of Phenotype MicroArray™ technology for elucidation and kinetic quantitation of phenotypes, researchers are made able to measure cell pathway activities and phenotypes by analyzing cells under thousands of culture conditions.

This can provide data and insight essential to understanding variations among bacterial strains, correlating genotypes to phenotypes, discovering new targets for antimicrobial compounds, improving and optimizing bioprocesses, and more.

Phenotype MicroArrays can provide an overview of cellular pathways and phenotypes in a single experiment. Utilizing panels of up to 1920 phenotypic tests, researchers are able to evaluate cell changes under thousands of physiological states and culture conditions in a manner to expand their understanding of cellular physiology and species diversity.