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Biosynth Carbosynth To Offer Enzyme Development Following Acquisition of EUCODIS Bioscience

Biosynth Carbosynth To Offer Enzyme Development Following Acquisition of EUCODIS Bioscience content piece image
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Biosynth Carbosynth (“Biosynth”) announces today that it has signed an agreement to acquire EUCODIS Bioscience (“EUCODIS”).


The two companies have worked together on innovation projects in enzyme development for a number of years, with Biosynth already stocking EUCODIS’ catalogue enzymes as part of its broad research product offering. 


The acquisition will broaden Biosynth’s biological products and custom services offering, with the biocatalysis, enzyme and recombinant protein expertise of EUCODIS complementing the biological materials supplied by Biosynth to the in-vitro diagnostics industry via its Aalto Bio Reagents subsidiary. Biosynth’s expanded Biologics offering will include custom and catalogue enzymes, antibodies, antigens, plasma along with epitope mapping services.


As part of the Biosynth group, EUCODIS will continue to provide state of the art services with the added benefit that customers will now profit from the combined expertise of EUCODIS and Biosynth in enzymes and chemical syntheses to enable novel biocatalytic synthesis routes for small molecules.



Dr. Urs Spitz, CEO and President of Biosynth, said, “Biosynth has collaborated with EUCODIS for many years, working on innovative enzyme projects for our customers and perfectly complementing our extensive expertise in enzyme substrate chemistry.  It makes absolute sense for EUCODIS to join us as a key part of our biological materials offering. We are delighted to be able to welcome the experienced and knowledgeable team we know so well into the Biosynth family.”


Dr. Jan Modregger, CEO of EUCODIS, added, “We are pleased to be joining Biosynth, a group with which we have enjoyed a longstanding relationship and which shares our science-led and customer focused philosophy. We are excited by the opportunity to grow even faster and to provide high performance enzymes and biocatalysis solutions to a global customer base.”