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BioWisdom Launches Sofia KnowledgeScan™

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BioWisdom has announced the launch of Sofia KnowledgeScan™. Sofia KnowledgeScan™ is designed to exploit BioWisdom’s Sofia Intelligence Platform to provide information to support critical healthcare-related decision making. 

Launched in response to customer feedback, Sofia KnowledgeScan™ enables a systematic analysis of available data to tease out intelligence that is relevant to specific commercially sensitive medical issues such as unexpected side-effects or toxicities. 

Rapid deployment of BioWisdom’s Healthcare Intelligence methodology is provided without the immediate need for technology installations and training. 

Clients will also have access to BioWisdom’s industry-trained specialised healthcare analysts, who can lead the research and present an unbiased expert opinion on the analysed data. 

"BioWisdom specialises in constructing Intelligence Networks, which provide a robust and intuitive method of navigating and analysing complex, multi-dimensional biomedical intelligence," said Gordon Smith Baxter, CEO of BioWisdom.

"Our competitive advantage lies in our combination of pharmaceutical R&D experience, our proprietary intelligence software and our robust methodology."

"We have developed our approach over several years working with international pharma companies, such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GSKEli Lilly and Roche."