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Bruker AXS Launches S8 TIGER XRF Spectrometer

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Bruker AXS Inc. has launched its S8 TIGER™ X-ray spectrometer for high-performance elemental analysis in various industrial applications, including petrochemistry, cement and mining at Pittcon 2006. 

The S8 TIGER is designed to analyze all elements from Beryllium to Uranium in a wide variety of sample types.

Features of the S8 TIGER include TouchControl™ and SampleCare™, combining reliability with analytical performance. TouchControl responds to customer requests for facile and fail-safe operation.

TouchControl uses an integrated touch screen and user interface which is designed to enable industrial customers to deploy the S8 TIGER in a manner where untrained users can operate the instrument after receiving only brief instructions.

The SampleCare feature automatically recognizes liquid samples and its integrated protection seal protects the S8 TIGER against all kinds of contamination. The analytical performance of the S8 TIGER results from the optimized X-ray optics.

While the high-intensity X-ray tube excites the sample efficiently, analyzer crystals have been developed for different elements and specific applications in order to improve detection limits, precision and resolution.

Dr. Heiko Ress, XRF Marketing Manager for Bruker AXS, comments, "With the new intuitive TouchControl operation of our S8 TIGER, the required training for occasional and inexperienced users is absolutely minimized."

"Its combination with our new SampleCare protection leads to unrivalled fail-safe operation, and provides our industrial customers with a faster return on their investment."

"In good Bruker AXS tradition, all these innovative ease of use and uptime features, plus the high analytical performance come in a very compact, attractive industrial design. The new S8 TIGER is clearly in a class of its own."

The product will be exhibited at Pittcon 2006 at the Bruker AXS booth #3155.