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Bruker Daltonics Launches Refrigerated Magnet Line for Apex® FTMS

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Bruker Daltonics has announced the launch of R-series of convenient refrigerated magnets for its apex® line of hybrid Fourier Transform mass spectrometers (Q-q-FTMS) at Pittcon 2006. 

Through a joint development between Bruker Daltonics and the Bruker BioSpin group, the R-series magnets incorporate cryostats equipped with cryocooler refrigeration units that replace the conventional liquid nitrogen reservoir.

This results in FTMS magnets that do not require liquid nitrogen and require liquid helium only once a year. R-series magnets are available at 7 Tesla, 9.4T and 12T field strengths.

The R-series is designed to reduce the annual cost of cryogens for FTMS magnets. Another advantage for mass spectrometrists is the convenience of only having to schedule magnet maintenance once a year, whereas traditional FTMS magnets require frequent liquid Nitrogen fills, and periodic liquid Helium fills.

The absence of the conventional liquid nitrogen dewar in the R-Series also means that the magnets are smaller, particularly at high field.

Additional benefits include a liquid helium reservoir that is designed to provide a suitable buffer in the event of a power outage, allowing R-series magnets to stay at field without power for an entire week.

Dr. Jeffrey Agar, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Brandeis University, explains, "Our laboratory studies protein modifications that occur during neurodegeneration, and tries to understand their role in disease progression."

"We are also studying the role of protein modifications in memory processes, which can involve subtle conformational changes. We use the high-resolution Bruker Daltonics apex-Qe (Q-q-FTMS), equipped with the new refrigerated, low-maintenance 9.4 Tesla magnet."

"We are particularly pleased with the performance of this new refrigerated magnet from Bruker as it is eco-friendly and improves our research efficiency significantly."

Bruker Daltonics will exhibit at booth #3155 at Pittcon 2006.