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Chemaxon Launches Marvin 4.1 with .NET

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ChemAxon has announced the release of version 4.1 of its platform independent chemical editing and visualization suite, Marvin.

The release sees the addition of structure based calculations, extensive publication features and support for .NET.

Marvin is the platform independent, web ready chemical editor and visualization toolkit and application suite.

In addition to the graphic user interface, a feature of Marvin is the availability of a full application programming interface (API) allowing web and application developers and command line users to completely configure and control only those features they want to use.

The arrival of the 4.1 release sees full API access from the .NET environment which, with ChemAxon’s native Java support, is designed to allow integration within all major web and intranet environments.

Looking closely at the features, MarvinSketch and MarvinView see the addition of professional publishing options with multiple pages, rich text editing and formatting as well as journal publication style templates functions.

As well as peptide sequence import, new file formats are supported including InChI file import/export and EMF and PDF vector export.

The release of MarvinSpace 1.3 within the distribution brings Marvin to the fore for Applet macromolecule and protein viewing.

Features include; ribbon representation, interactive editing of molecules in MarvinSketch, high resolution image export in a range of file formats, more colouring types, enhanced selection tools and support for Copy/Cut/Paste and Drag & Drop. To try out MarvinSpace visit Company website.

The range of Calculator Plugins, currently including logP, logD, pKa, Hydrogen Bond Donor/Acceptor and many others is extended with the addition of Conformer calculation, including lowest energy conformer prediction, Stereoisomer, Orbital Electronegativity, Molecular Dynamics, Geometry and 3D Molecular Surface Area calculations.

Close integration with MarvinSpace also allows calculation results to colour 3D surfaces within a true 3D viewer environment.

Marvin is available for free for installation on to desktop. For an unlimited Marvin and Calculator Plugin online tryout visit Chemaxon website.

Academic users can license all ChemAxon products for free, see the information page and signup.