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Clontech Launches In-Fusion™ PCR Universal Cloning Kits

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Clontech has announced the launch of In-Fusion™ PCR Cloning Kits, designed to allow scientists to fuse a PCR-amplified insert into any vector, linearized at any restriction site.

These kits are available in different formats so that scientists can optimize any PCR cloning reaction to suit their experimental design.

The lyophilized format is designed to provide ease-of use and consistency, while the liquid format provides maximum versatility and both formats have been extensively tested and provide equivalent cloning efficiency for small scale and high-throughput experiments.

Vectors of up to 12 kb and inserts of up to 8 kb have been used with both of these formats.

The In-Fusion PCR Cloning Kit is designed for directional cloning of PCR products without the need for restriction digest of the insert, ligase, or blunt-end polishing.