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Clontech Launches TALON™ Magnetic Beads

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Clontech Laboratories, Inc. has announced the launch of TALON™ Magnetic Beads. The Magnetic Beads combine the advantage of selective TALON™ chemistry with magnetic bead separation.

Magnetic particles in the beads facilitate separation of microscale quantities of protein when placed on a magnetic separator.

The beads, which are precharged with Co2+, have a higher specificity for polyhistidine-tagged proteins than nickel-based resins.

TALON Magnetic Beads bind histidine tagged proteins ranging from low to high molecular weight with high specificity.

These beads are supplied as a 5% suspension with a demonstrated binding capacity of 750 µg of protein per ml of suspension.

Clontech claims that, microscale purification with TALON Magnetic Beads can be used for screening expression levels or for protein-protein interaction studies.

In addition, the use of TALON chemistry allows for scaling-up of purification of target proteins using Clontech’s standard TALON Resin.