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Cmed Group Joins AIXIAL, the CRO of ALTEN Group

Cmed Group Joins AIXIAL, the CRO of ALTEN Group content piece image
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AIXIAL, the CRO of ALTEN Group, announces the acquisition of UK headquartered CMED Group by ALTEN EUROPE, a worldwide leader in engineering and technology. CMED is a technology led CRO that specializes in full-service oncology, immuno-oncology, cell therapy and rare diseases, and provision of data and analytic services. CMED also has a technology division that is the developer of encapsia, an innovative, next generation clinical data suite purpose designed to support traditional, decentral, virtual and hybrid clinical trials. “We are excited to support the entire CMED Group as they continue to build out capabilities and expand their global presence to better serve their customers” said Jean-Christophe FRANOUX, Managing Director of AIXIAL Group.

For more than 20 years, CMED has been providing (bio)pharmaceutical and medical device clients worldwide with clinical operations, data sciences & analytics, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, and product development services, having successfully completed thousands of assignments. Together with AIXIAL, the combined group now has extensive geographical coverage and is able to provide customers with a great depth and range of expertise and solutions. Supported by the worldwide resources and expertise of ALTEN, customers will also benefit from the ability to rapidly and reliably scale, while encapsia will be augmented to enable customers to have both services and technology optimized to flexibly deliver all types of clinical trials, from traditional through hybrid to full virtualized. “When seeking a strategic step forward, we were fortunate to have many options. AIXIAL Group, with ALTEN behind us, clearly stood out as the first choice as it expands our global reach and service offering to our valued clients. We are thrilled to join the Group and are excited about the future” said David Connelly, CMED’s CEO.

AIXIAL Group continues to build a global presence in size and scale with over 1,000 employees across the United States and Europe. CMED’s professionals and their knowledge-driven approach will perfectly align with AIXIAL Group’s services worldwide while CMED’s leadership team brings an abundance of industry expertise to complement AIXIAL Group’s. “This very synergistic combination will enable us to support our customers as a global force with a stronger local presence in the US and Europe. It creates a unique, and fully integrated CRO driven by technology offering an end-to-end partner”, said Jean-Christophe FRANOUX, Managing Director, AIXIAL Group.