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Cohesive Announces the Transcend™ System

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Cohesive Technologies has announced that it has further expanded its instrument product line to include the Transcend Series High Turbulence Liquid Chromatography (HTLC) Systems, which combine the power of online sample preparation - using Cohesive's patented TurboFlow® technology - with the speed of ultra chromatography.

Cohesive's Transcend Systems are designed to give chromatographers the flexibility to perform turbulent flow chromatography, Cohesive's patented online extraction technology, as well as the ability to run existing LC methods all on one system.

This configuration allows users of the system to switch back and forth between online extraction methods and conventional LC methods simply by selecting the method in Cohesive's Aria software.

Cohesive's Transcend Systems are also available as multiplexed systems, which are independent, parallel, multi-channel systems that enable double the number of samples analyzed by one mass spectrometer.

The platform of Cohesive's Transcend Systems give chromatographers the ability to solve many bioanalytical challenges.

John Brann, Vice President, Instrumentation, explains, "Ultra chromatography has been very effective in improving resolution and reducing analysis time, but until now the technology has been constrained by the need for complex sample preparation and short column lifetime."

"The Transcend System overcomes both of these limitations and offers a best of both worlds solution."