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Cohesive Technologies Announces Propel™ Analytical Columns

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Cohesive Technologies Inc.  has announced that it has further expanded its line of liquid chromatography columns to include Propel™
 analytical columns. 
These columns, optimized for Cohesive's proprietary TurboFlow® chromatography systems, were developed for enhanced chromatographic separation and peak shape.

The line of Propel columns were designed for laboratories working with complex samples in biological fluids that required a faster way of doing sample preparation and analytical separation method development. 

When used on a Cohesive system, in conjunction with a patented Cohesive TurboFlow column, the Propel columns provided a completely integrated method development system that handled both TurboFlow methods and analytical methods, all on one chromatography system.

The Propel columns were manufactured with Cohesive’s packing materials specifically for analytical separations. 
The dimensions of the columns were optimized for maximum sensitivity and peak shape, employing a variety of chemistries for a wide range of selectivity.
“By introducing these new Propel analytical columns, we’re able to provide our customers with a completely integrated chromatography solution, not previously available in the marketplace,”  explained Joseph Takarewski, Vice President, Chemistry.
“They will now have the ability to use a Cohesive system to handle both biological fluids and analytical separations, which will give them significant advantages in both cost and time.”