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Colder Introduces Steam-Thru® II Connection

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Colder Products Company has introduced the Steam-Thru® II, which is designed to provide a sterile connection between disposable systems and existing stainless steel processing equipment.

This latest addition to Colder’s line of sterile Steam-Thru Connections incorporates a repositionable valve that extends steam-in-place capability to two cycles.

The flexibility of 'steam on' and 'steam off' functionality is designed to minimize contamination concerns and increases operational efficiency.

"The development of the Steam-Thru II Connection is a direct response to customer requests for 'steam off' capabilities to our existing Steam-Thru product line," says John Boehm, business unit manager for bioprocessing markets at Colder.

"The 'steam off' functionality combined with the no 'dead leg' design reduces the chance for cross-contamination and provides greater process flexibility."

Steam-Thru II features a patented 3-port design that allows it to be mounted directly to hard-plumbed systems to create a sterile connection for single-use feeding, harvesting and sampling systems.

Steam-Thru Connections increase operational efficiency by decreasing process downtime and costs related to cleaning and cleaning validation associated with reusable components.

An extensive test program has been completed in support of customer validation. Microbial ingress testing was done at Northview Laboratories and bacterial challenge testing was completed at the University of Minnesota’s Biotechnology Resource Center.

Biocompatibility testing on the materials of construction was performed by NAMSA Laboratories.  

Colder Steam-Thru II Connections offer industry standard sanitary terminations and are available in ¾" and 1 ½" tri-clamp. Hose barbs connect to ½" ID tubing.

Polysulfone body components and silicone, platinum-cured, USP Class VI seals meet industry material compatibility requirements.

Operating temperatures range from 4° C (39° F) to 40° C (104° F) in flow position and up to 135° C (275° F) for 60 minutes in steam position.

Pressure ranges from vacuum to 20 psi at 1.38 bar in flow position and up to 35 psi at 2.41 bar in steam position.