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Compact Multi-Position Reactor Kit for Low Temperature Chemistry

Compact Multi-Position Reactor Kit for Low Temperature Chemistry content piece image
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Asynt has introduced a versatile new kit for labs conducting low temperature chemistry – the DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit.

Developed as a useful addition to Asynt’s popular low temperature chemistry product range - the DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit enables users to perform parallel reactions from ambient to -30 ⁰C within a small footprint.

The ability to cool and stir up to 3 round bottom flasks (25 mL, 50 mL, or 100 mL) in parallel, and to hold constant sub-ambient temperatures for long periods of time, makes the DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit a highly attractive tool. Designed for unattended operation, this reliable and safe system allows labs to easily perform overnight reactions. Compact in design - the DrySyn Snowstorm MULTI enables you to increase throughput without taking up valuable fume hood space too.

The DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI range provides active temperature control using your preferred external refrigerated/heating circulator via a choice of connection fittings.  This advanced control prevents temperature fluctuations and provides excellent reproducibility and accurate cooling ramps that are ideal for work such as crystallisation studies. The DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI simply mounts on any magnetic stirring plate to provide efficient mixing.  The DrySyn SnowStorm range can also be heated to 150 °C, via circulator, providing flexible functionality.

The DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit’s simple modular design ensures swift and easy assembly/disassembly, and operation is so simple that only minimal training is required.