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Dolomite Announces Record Growth in 2010

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Dolomite Microfluidics has announced record results for 2010 with product revenue more than doubled. Launched in 2005 as the world’s first microfluidic application centre, Dolomite has fast become the world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic solutions including chips, pumps, and custom devices as well as bespoke turnkey instruments.

“2010 has been an exciting year for Dolomite with growth in all areas of our business,” said Andrew Lovatt, CEO of Dolomite.

Lovatt continued, “We have launched over 20 new products including the Mitos P-Pump and Micro Droplet Systems which proved to be a huge success. Furthermore, our collaborative project with Emerald Biosystems, resulted in an award winning microfluidic instrument, the PlugMaker™, which was presented with the highly coveted New Product Award at LabAutomation 2010”.

Microfluidics, also known as ‘lab on a chip', enables small-scale fluid control and analysis, allowing scientists and engineers to develop smaller and more powerful systems.

"Manufacturing microfluidic devices is very complex employing a broad range of disciplines. At Dolomite, it is not just our expertise in microfluidics and glass fabrication that puts us ahead of the competition, but our integrated engineering team which offers mechanical, electronic and software design expertise”.

“We work with customers around the world to productize science by turning their ideas into market-leading products. Our service offering is unique, combining unmatched technical resources with unrivalled expertise and a strong commitment to excellence, helping our customers to solve their microfluidic problem in the most efficient and cost-effective way,” commented Andrew Lovatt.