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Dolomite Bio Announces Rebrand to Do Bio

Do Bio's Nadia product family
Do Bio's Nadia product family

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Dolomite Bio launches new website, with exciting re-brand, a new name and focus. The motivation behind the company’s name change to Do Bio reflects their evolution within the microfluidic, biology and life science space.

Do bio’s technology is built on a strong foundation in the field of microfluidics. As the company has grown in recent years, the focus has shifted from purely single cell based applications, to developing and supporting multiple microfluidics based products for life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

The core value behind Do Bio’s products has always been centred on the ability to process, develop, and make biological discoveries, using the advantages of a microfluidic platform, without the complexities and high levels of expertise associated with most platforms on the market. The company refresh and name change reflects this ability to ‘do more’ with the Nadia Product family. A platform which allows researchers to process a wide variety of biologicals, from cells, to proteins, to mRNA and lipids. Whether using droplets, particles, or homogenous fluids, researchers can ‘do you’: developing novel microfluidic methodologies without compromising on reproducibility and scalability.

Following the re-launch as Do Bio, the company expects to keep expanding their product family, reagent kits and microfluidic chips and cartridges, in line with the renewed focus on empowering researchers to ‘do now’ without limitations