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Dolomite Introduce the Mitos Resealable Chip Holder

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Dolomite has introduced the Mitos Resealable Chip Holder. The Resealable Chip Holder has been designed to allow researchers complete flexibility in their cell culture and analysis, dielectrophoresis, impedance detection and biosensor detection. With eight fluidic and eight electrical connections, microfluidic chips can be opened and then resealed, allowing deposition of reagents or cells onto the channel surface at different times.

The low profile Mitos Resealable Chip Holder fits on a microscope stage, and windows at top or bottom allow a microscope objective lens to get within millimetres of the microfluidic channel, allowing easy viewing in a laboratory environment.

Mitos Resealable Chip Holders are taken apart for cleaning and have very good chemical resistance. For further information on the Mitos Resealable Chip Holder, as well as the full range of microfluidic product offerings from Dolomite, including chips, connectors, pumps, valves and flow sensors.