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Dolomite Launches Mitos Droplet Collection Module

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Dolomite, has introduced the Mitos Droplet Collection Module allowing droplets to be transferred directly from a microfluidic chip to a vessel enabling emulsions to be collected, treated and analysed.

As part of the recently launched Droplet Collection System, the Mitos Droplet Collection Module can be used together with Dolomite’s Droplet Junction Chips and Edge Connector 4-way. The droplets are ejected straight from the chip edge into bulk liquid. The microfluidic chip can be inserted into the top or bottom of the vessel allowing the collection of sinking or floating droplets without flow disruption or droplet coalescence, which can be an issue with some liquids on transfer from chip to tubing.

Furthermore, the flat-sided quartz vessel enables optical analysis or UV curing of droplets to create polymeric microspheres, beads or particles for diagnostics and biotechnology immediately after formation. The Droplet Collection Module also provide chemical resistance as well as an overflow port to remove excess carrier liquid.