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Dolomite Launches New Multiflux™ Standard Changing the World of Microfluidic Connections

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Dolomite, has introduced Multiflux™, a unique and flexible range of microfluidic connectors and interfaces allowing users to integrate their microfluidic devices into new and existing systems by creating fast and reliable multi-way fluidic connections between pumps, valves and other microfluidic devices.

Fluidic systems for manipulation, analysis and control of small amounts of materials are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This trend is accelerating with every new microfluidic development.

At present, most connectors allow the connection of only one fluid tube to a microfluidic system at a time.

Furthermore, connecting microfluidic devices to macro-scale systems presents many challenges. If these are not addressed well, the benefits of working within the microfluidic regime may be compromised.

Multiflux™ is Dolomite’s solution to these problems. Quick and easy to use, Multiflux™ offers a flexible, cost-effective and time-efficient solution for anyone working in microfluidics.

The range includes a Linear and Circular Connector, which provide several fluid input and output ports, enabling reliable and leak-free connections to be made in seconds between microfluidic chips and tubing, as well as two bundles of tubing, without disruptions to the fluid flow.

The Multiflux™ Connectors can be used together with Dolomite’s microfluidic chips and Standard Multiflux™ Interfaces facilitating a connection to the edge of microfluidic chips, surface of microfluidic chips, or custom devices designed by the user.

All Multiflux™ components operate over a wide temperature range (-15°C to 150°C) and pressure range (up to 30bar) and offer excellent chemical resistance allowing a broad range of solvents and chemicals to be used.