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Dolomite Launches New Optical Systems for High Quality Capture Of Microfluidic Experiments

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Dolomite, has added a range of Optical Systems to its standard product range allowing for the high quality capture of still and moving images of microfluidic experiments.

The range of Optical Systems includes a High Speed Camera and Microscope System, providing a flexible solution for general microscopy including droplet generation and particle imaging. The system features an easy-to-use microscope which offers an excellent zoom ratio (7.5:1) and working distance allowing a wide range of different samples to be used.

The High Speed Camera integrates with the microscope and provides image capture at speeds of over 1000 frames per second. The universal stand provides further flexibility by allowing the microscope to be ideally positioned for the application.

The microscope stage is designed to accommodate all types of microfluidic chips and enables users to quickly locate and observe the area of interest. It can, for example, be used in conjunction with Dolomite’s Droplet Junction Chips for the improved visibility of droplet formation allowing users to collect data on droplet monodispersity, rate of production and stability.

The stage also features a 150W halogen cold light source with continuous dimming and no flicker effect at short exposure times which is ideal for high quality videos of droplet experiments.

Dolomite’s range of Optical Systems also includes a Digital Microscope which can be connected to a PC using a USB cable. After evaluating many options Dolomite has carefully selected this particular microscope.

Easy to use, it provides a compact and low cost solution for general microscopy, and outweighs many of the USB microscopes currently available offering outstanding image quality.