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Easy Vessel Switching for Scalable Flow Chemistry System

Easy Vessel Switching for Scalable Flow Chemistry System content piece image
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Asynt has supplied AM Technology Ltd (Runcorn, UK) with two ReactoMate ATOM lab reactor support stands to enhance the speed and ease of switching reaction vessels feeding their Coflore® flow chemistry systems.

AMT's Coflore flow reactor range was developed to provide truly scalable flow chemistry solutions in a laboratory environment. Coflore technology provides efficient active-mixing even at very low flow rates, providing versatility for handling a variety of liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, liquid-gas, and solid-liquid-gas reaction mixtures, including dense slurries.

Martin Monedero, principal chemist at AMT, commented "Our Coflore flow systems are designed to be as versatile as possible, enabling users to optimise feed vessel set up according to the requirements of a particular reaction. For users to be able to swap reaction vessels quickly and easily is a significant benefit, hence deciding to integrate Asynt ReactoMate ATOM into our Coflore peripheral equipment solutions. It accommodates our range of existing 5, 10 and 20 L glass vessels from multiple suppliers without any issues and we have found the auto-align function for the overhead stirrer makes set-up so simple.  The integral lifting/lowering mechanism allows easy one-handed adjustment of the position of the vessel which is a valuable feature for both safety reasons and user-friendliness. Consequently, we are now recommending that AMT customers integrate ReactoMate ATOM systems with our Coflore flow reactors to ensure that they get the best system possible.”