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Eppendorf Adds Digital Documentation to Connected Electronic Pipette System

The Eppendorf Pipette Manager
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The Pipette Manager serves as a wireless control panel for Eppendorf's connected electronic pipettes, adding new features and revolutionizing the speed and reproducibility of handheld pipetting.

With this innovative system, scientists can easily adjust connected pipette modes, settings, and volumes via a large touch display.

The system's Liquid Manager feature offers predefined pipette settings and technique hints for a variety of liquids, ensuring consistent and accurate results in several applications. Users can also define their own liquid types with respective pipette settings.

The Pipetting Records feature offers a solution for proper documentation of pipetting workflows, allowing users to automatically record activities and export recordings as a PDF file via USB.

Previously introduced as VisioNize® pipette manager in Europe, the US and Canada, the Pipette Manager has been renamed to distinguish it from other digital offerings from Eppendorf, such as VisioNize® Lab Suite.

Eppendorf is dedicated to continuous improvement and has added the new Pipetting Records feature as a free software update for existing customers in Europe, the US and Canada. The product is now also available for the first time in Asia and Latin America.

With the integration of Move It® pipettes in 2022, the Pipette Manager is now compatible with all Eppendorf Xplorer® (plus) pipettes and includes several other features designed to help scientists manage their pipette fleet and collaborate with ease. This essential, easy-to-use tool is a must-have for any laboratory looking to speed up and improve the efficiency and reproducibility of their pipetting workflows.