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ESA Biosciences to Showcase Latest Advances at Analytica 2006

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ESA Biosciences Inc. has chosen Analytica 2006 for the European launch of Corona Plus - a new version of its Charged Aerosol HPLC detector, BioStat™ - an electrochemical system and to preview a host of topical applications developments for life sciences and clinical diagnostic laboratories.

The Corona Plus is a HPLC detection tool for laboratories that commonly use THF (Tetrahydrofuran) as a mobile phase component in their chromatographic separations and sample analyses. 

Besides nanogram level sensitivity, the Corona Plus shows consistent inter-analyte response independent of chemical structure, enabling quantitation across a range that exceeds four orders of magnitude.

ESA claims that, this real universal detector can also analyse a wide diversity of chemical structures and classes.

Visitors to stand A2:450 will also see how the BioStat system provides a way to take real time measurements from electrodes and electrochemical sensors. 

Compact in design, BioStat is designed to allow amperometric or voltammetric measurements to be made independently on up to four channels for multiple testing, with the system handling signals of either polarity from virtually any electrochemical sensor employing either 2 or 3 electrode configurations.

Total electrical isolation of each channel assures independent recording with ultra-low noise.

At this meeting, ESA will also be previewing a host of topical applications developments.

These will include exciting possibilities for HPLC users using the Corona CAD plus latest applications advances achieved on the Metabolomics System - a tool for advanced metabolomics studies and the DiscovArray - a multifunctional Electrochemical (EC) system designed to enable researchers to study the chemical and pharmacological benefits of potential drug candidates.   

ESA will also show its Electrochemical detector products for sensitive and selective clinical diagnostic analysis.