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Flexus® and Nanodrop™ Automates Low Volume Applications

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The Anachem Flexus Liquid Handler is a modular platform that can be customized with numerous peripherals. This now includes the Innovadyne Nanodrop dispenser increasing the instrument’s volume range from 50nl to 2ml.

The Nanodrop instrument provides low volume, non-contact liquid handling for reducing assay volumes. It’s valve free fluid pathway, provides a low-maintained way to deliver reagents with precision and accuracy.

Assay miniaturization is of importance for uHTS in 1536 and 3456 well plates, PCR setup, MALDI target preparation, bead and cell based assays as a means of preserving precious reagents.

Protein Crystallography is an application suited to the Flexus/Nanodrop instrument combination, dispensing proteins with minimal waste and without denaturation. The Flexus is well suited for large volume well solution distribution and the Nanodrop is designed for setting the protein drops on the stage whilst conserving precious protein samples.

To operate in unison, both instruments are controlled via a single software interface. The Nanodrop pipetting stage is positioned underneath an X-rail overhang from the Flexus that has a plate gripper for moving plates on and off the Nanodrop stage as required by the users protocol.

The Nanodrop syringe fluidics unit is positioned to the side of the stage or can be placed underneath the units for use of the workspace.