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GE Healthcare Launch Histidine-Tagged Protein Spin Columns

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GE Healthcare has announced the availability of its single-use spin column designed for purification of histidine-tagged proteins using a standard microcentrifuge.

In addition to its use for small-scale protein purification, the columns are also ideal for screening large numbers of small-scale bacterial lysates and for optimising protein purification conditions.

"The products are available in prepacked columns for use with chromatography systems and as bulk packs," said Allan Simpson, vice president of research and analysis, Protein Separations at GE Healthcare.

"GE has recently expanded the product range to enable researchers who prefer working with spin columns, multi-well plates, and gravity columns to take advantage of Ni Sepharose such as binding capacity, negligible nickel ion leakage, and tolerance to additives," he added.

Ni Sepharose provides a high binding capacity-up to 750 µg of pure histidine-tagged protein per column-and compatibility with a variety of commonly used additives and denaturing and reducing agents.

His SpinTrap allows direct loading of unclarified homogenised cell lysates, without the need for centrifugation or filtration of the sample.

By reducing the total purification time, the spin column procedure minimises degradation and oxidation of sensitive protein samples and preserves the activity of the target protein.