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GeneBio Launches Phenyx 2.1 at 54th Annual ASMS Conference

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Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) S.A. has announced the release of Phenyx 2.1, the latest version of its software platform for proteomics MS data analysis.

Several features have been added and enhanced since version 2.0 was released at ABRF 2006 last February, including: A refined, expandable Submission window;

- An improved resubmission functionality;

- A management module for profile submission that 1) includes several pre-defined profiles, 2) allows users to define their own profiles, and 3) enables users to switch between profiles quickly and easily depending upon workflow requirements;

- An extension of available platforms via Windows, RPM and Debian installers;

- Enhanced interaction with the MSight LC-MS imaging software from the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB).
Developed by GeneBio in collaboration with the SIB and incorporating the true probabilistic and flexible scoring system OLAV, Phenyx is designed to meet the concurrent demands of high-throughput mass spectrometry data analysis and dynamic high quality results assessment.

Phenyx already includes an array of functionalities, such as its manual validation functionality that allows users to manually accept/reject peptide assignments and save/export modifications, its results comparison functionality that enables users to compare Phenyx runs amongst themselves and with those of other MS search engines like Mascot and SEQUEST, easy workflow integration/automation thanks to a battery of Perl scripts/modules and a command line interface, and easily exportable results tables into spreadsheets, XML and text.
"This latest iteration of Phenyx further refines the 2.0 platform," said Nasri Nahas, CEO of GeneBio.

"Phenyx v2.1, in conjunction with several recent partnerships involving its integration into larger systems, brings Phenyx to the next level in terms of usability and market penetration; this in turn fuels our growing market acceptance and insures a bright future for our proteomics software platform."

"Since the last version released in February, we have experienced impressive growth in the usage of Phenyx on our public server and in our client-base that is steadily rising."

"The increasing number of major proteomics clusters throughout the world employing a fully-equipped Phenyx solution proves that our product is becoming an essential platform within the marketplace; we are confident that the launch of v2.1 will further increase our already extensive market presence."
GeneBio will be present at the 54th Annual ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry in Seattle, WA from May 28th to June 1st.

Visit GeneBio at booth #79 to answer your questions concerning Phenyx, recent partnerships and other GeneBio products as well.