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Geneservice and RNAx Launch PhenoFiler™

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Geneservice Limited (GSL) Cambridge, UK and RNAx GmbH have announced the launch of their mRNA expression PhenoFiler™ service platform. 

This platform brings together both companies unique expertise to create a single platform for gene discovery and validation.

Under the terms of the agreement RNAx provides GSL and its customers with in vitro si- and shRNA validation technology to complement GSL’s gene expression profiling and network analysis service, and vice versa. 

PhenoFiler™ will provide researchers with a complete solution for comprehensively profiling tens of thousands of genes and then immediately screening for molecular or cellular phenotypes in a co-ordinated set of experiments.

"This agreement gives benefits to both companies: GSL’s customers through our one-stop approach will have access to gene silencing technology, and RNAx’ customers can take advantage of the full range of GSL’s technologies," commented Joerg Poetzsch, CEO of RNAx. 

"The customer will not have the need to look for additional providers, and will deal with our two companies as if it was one entity. This will simplify and speed up the service for the customer."

"Results will be available faster, because our two companies know exactly how to integrate our technologies."

"We are very pleased to partner with RNAx, as this adds an important new dimension to our contract research capabilities and customer value," said Tom Weaver, CEO of Geneservice.