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Gentra Launches VersaGene DNA Purification Kits

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Gentra Systems Inc. has introduced the VersaGene™ DNA Cell Purification Kit. As with the versaGene DNA Blood Purification Kit, the cell kit uses chemistry and column design to purify DNA that is virtually devoid of RNA and protein contamination.

VersaGene is designed to allow purification of high quality, double-stranded DNA from as few as 1,000 and up to 25 million cells from the same kit, in as little as 30 minutes.

Eluted samples can be used immediately in downstream applications, including emerging applications such as SNP microarrays and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) microarrays.

"VersaGene DNA for Cells technology is ideally suited for researchers working in the rapidly-growing field of personalized medicine, where highly pure DNA samples are a requisite," says Stephen Rundlett, versaGene product manager for Gentra.

"As the need for personalized medicine grows, with its emphasis on individual human genotype mapping, so too grows the need to reduce sample failure in downstream applications."

"Based on our own stringent product development test results, versaGene for DNA Cells does indeed deliver markedly superior performance in even the most demanding applications."

Researchers performing CGH assays to aid in early diagnosis of cancer and genetic diseases also represent a strong market for versaGene DNA for Cells.

"With the addition of the versaGene line, we are expanding our presence in major markets, including the fields of pharmaceutical and biotechnology, at a faster pace," says Dr. Ruth Shuman, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Gentra Systems.

"We believe we have the right products to help those industries accelerate their growth in coming years."