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GMP-Compliant Products and Services To Streamline Your Clinical Translation

GMP-Compliant Products and Services To Streamline Your Clinical Translation content piece image
Left: Human bronchial organoids infected with SARS-CoV-2 after cryopreservation in STEM-CELLBANKER®. Credit: Kazuo Takayama/ Kyoto University. Right: GMP grade STEM-CELLBANKER cryopreservation media.
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AMSBIO has launched a new set of dedicated webpages and content downloads detailing their extensive range of high quality GMP-compliant products and services.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is an internationally recognized system which ensures that products are consistently manufactured to a high-quality and provides key guidelines for the manufacture of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). Operating as an ISO 9001 registered organization - AMSBIO understand the importance of offering GMP compliant products and services with guaranteed quality and consistency for your pre-clinical and clinical ATMP research.

Visitors to https://www.amsbio.com/gmp-products-services/ can learn about, select and order from AMSBIO’s extensive range of GMP compliant cell culture media, recombinant proteins, dissociation enzymes, cryopreservation, and viral gene delivery products. Sourcing from AMSBIO you can be assured of the consistent, high-quality of their GMP-compliant materials and in your supply chain. Critically to ensure the traceability of all their GMP compliant products – AMSBIO can also supply associated FDA-registered Drug Master Files and provide ICH stability study data supporting enzyme storage and shipping conditions. Drawing upon its experience of serving pre-clinical and clinical ATMP research, AMSBIO also offers high quality, GMP-compliant custom product development services for numerous research areas.