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Harvard Apparatus Introduces PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pump

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Harvard Apparatus has introduced the PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pump. The PHD ULTRA sets a new performance standard in syringe pumps for smooth and precise flow.

The Company has designed the PHD ULTRA™ to meet most demanding standards in fluidics applications.

The new advanced patent pending flow control mechanics and electronics provide the smoothest and precise flow across the largest flow range.

The New EZ Pro™ Software functions like a PC and contains an advanced methods architecture for preprogrammed quick-start or advanced methods templates.

A GUI on an advanced color display allows alpha/numeric reporting capability and advanced connectivity at the touch of the screen.

This unit also provides versatility of Configuration and Application. It can handle flow rates from picoliter to 220 ml/min.

The PHD ULTRA™ can control remote units 30 ft away, accommodates 2 to 10 syringes for multi-channel or larger reservoir capacities, and contains advanced preprogrammed operational modes.  With the push of a button alternate between auto-fill continuous-flow, pulsatile, bolus, concentration mode, daisy chain, gradients and flow programming modes.

The functional balance of these features makes the PHD ULTRA™ the ultimate problem solver for MS, drug infusion, nanofluidics, electro-spinning, aerosol generation and reaction chamber dosing.