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Highly flexible and Economical RNAi Screening Without Compromises

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FlexiPlate siRNA allows creation of exactly the set of siRNAs needed without compromising on any requirements, enabling fully customized RNAi for pathway analysis or follow-up screening experiments.

FlexiPlate siRNA can be ordered at 0.1 nmol, 0.25 nmol, and 1 nmol scales in 96-well plates for any human or mouse target genes. siRNAs and controls can be selected and arranged on plates using a state-of-the-art, interactive Web interface.

FlexiPlate siRNA enables design of RNAi experiments to suit individual requirements. siRNAs for any human or mouse genes and positive or negative controls can be selected and placed in any of the wells of a 96-well plate with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool at the GeneGlobe™ Web portal. Variable scales allow cost-effective experiments using low or higher siRNA amounts, as required.

QIAGEN’s HP OnGuard siRNA design ensures siRNA is potent and specific. siRNA design incorporates neural-network technology and a proprietary homology analysis tool. New design features include 3' UTR/seed region analysis, SNP avoidance, and interferon motif avoidance.