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HT2800T All-in-Ones GC Autosampler from HTA

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Concurrently at Pittcon and Arablab 2015, HTA is introducing its new all-in-ones GC autosampler: HT2800T combines in a single unit the functions of an autosampler for liquid, static headspace and SPME. This autosampler represents the last born in the HTA GC autosampler’s gamma that has been completely renewed in the last few years.

HT2800T is equipped with extremely innovative technologies: HT2800T benefits from a unique portfolio of patented, proprietary or licensed technologies that have been developed to improve the user experience in each one of the three available modalities.

To provide additional robustness to headspace analysis, HT2800T features system integrity and vial leakage check functionalities.

The system integrity test can be automatically performed with every batch of samples to check syringe and plunger to discover early system failure. Instead, the vial leakage check can be included to monitor the pressure inside vials of the same batch in order to check against anomalous values that are indicative of a vial leakage problem.

In addition, HT2800T headspace syringes - compared to the market standard - provide an excellent performance over a large temperature range for increased lifetime, lower cost of operations, and increased reproducibility of the headspace analysis.

To provide additional robustness to liquid sample analysis, HT2800T features the innovative SyringeID, a proprietary technology based on RFID tags. The SyringeID is able to identify syringes in an univocal way; thereby preventing errors when mounting a syringe, preventing syringe volume mismatching and keeps track of the syringe consumption. The SyringeID system is able to provide users with a level of confidence never previously achieved by identification systems based on syringe carriers.

To provide additional robustness to SPME analysis oven design offers superior thermal stability also on long extraction time method. Furthermore in SPME mode, HT2800T supports the derivatisation pre- and post-extraction and also allows the fiber washing in the liquid phase as well as the post-desorption fiber cleaning by exposition in the injector or in an external cleaning station to fit every SPME applications.

HT2800T motto is “5 minutes to switch between modalities, 5 minutes to move between GCs”.

“5 minutes to switch between modalities”. Changing from Headspace mode to SPME or liquid mode is extremely fast and simple. The switch is completely assisted by a touch screen wizard and includes only few, quick, simple tasks: select new injection modality on the touch screen, change the syringe and load a new sample rack, if the application requires it. There is no transfer line to disassemble, no bulky turret to store or move across the laboratory, no complex re-alignment procedures. The unit is immediately ready to re-start the analysis in the new modality, without downtime.

“5 minutes to move between GCs”. Mounting kits for HT2800T - as per the other autosamplers of our GC gamma - are compact, easy to align and allow autosampler hot-swap (remove autosampler and put back in place, with practically no needs to realign). Therefore autosampler becomes a plug-in module easy to move across different GCs (also across different GC brands or models) as soon as lab productivity change.

HT2800T can easily be installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available on the market, serving up to two injectors in most configurations.