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Hyphenated Systems Announces 3Dmap

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Hyphenated Systems has announced 3Dmap™ (Microfluidics Analysis Platform) - a platform that is designed to provide 3D structural metrology for developers and manufacturers of microfluidic devices.

Hyphenated Systems claims that, 3Dmap is unique in its ability to provide fast, accurate sub-micron structural characterization of all aspects of microfluidic devices; including steep slopes, rough surfaces, and subsurface features in transparent media, that are not measurable with alternative techniques.

It is built around Hyphenated-Systems’ Advanced Confocal Microscope (ACM).
The system’s inverted optics and open architecture are designed to facilitate the integration of additional analytical techniques, such as flow measurement, live cell imaging, fluorescent bead characterization, and surface roughness analysis.

"Although there have been great strides made in the field of microfluidics in recent years, researchers and engineers have been hampered by the lack of a single system that provides fast, accurate characterization of the complex structures they are designing," said Terence Lundy, vice president and managing director, Hyphenated Systems.

"The detailed size and shape of these structures is absolutely critical to the operation of microfluidic devices."

"3Dmap meets this need, and its open architecture provides the user with the flexibility to add additional techniques as they are needed, constituting a complete analytical solution on a single platform."

"Advanced confocal microscopy has the fundamental resolution and subsurface capability required for microfluidics development," said Nick Doe, PhD, chief technical officer, Hyphenated Systems.

"The ability to make subsurface measurements quickly and easily provides critical feedback that is essential in understanding and controlling the processes used for microfluidic devices."