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Illumina Unveils Whole-Genome DNA Analysis Solution

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Illumina, Inc. has announced that the next BeadChip in its Infinium® product family will profile over one million diverse genetic variants.

The Human 1M BeadChip combines a level of content for both whole-genome (WG) and copy number variation (CNV) analysis on a single microarray chip.

Illumina also announced that it plans to introduce the Human 450S BeadChip, which will enable customers using Illumina’s HumanHap550 BeadChip, to further extend their genetic studies to include the one million content level.

The Human 1M and Human 450S BeadChips will be powered by Illumina’s Infinium Assay, providing data quality, genomic coverage, and intelligent probe selection. Both products are expected by the company to enter the market by the close of the second quarter, 2007.

“During 2006 Illumina launched eight new products in the Infinium family. The upcoming commercialization of the Human 1M, a single-chip solution, will be a major milestone for the Company. It will more importantly provide the genetic research community with yet another advance in their ability to perform whole-genome DNA analysis,” said Jay Flatley, President and Chief Executive Officer of Illumina.