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InforSense® Launches GenSense - Statistical Genetics Solution

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InforSense Ltd. (www.inforsense.com/) has announced the launch of InforSense GenSense, a statistical genetics solution built on the company’s flagship product - InforSense KDE.

“The data handling and analysis capabilities available through InforSense GenSense will significantly benefit the statistical genetics user community in their search for genetic effects on disease,” said Ross Lazarus, Director of Bioinformatics at the Channing Laboratory, Harvard.

“I am particularly excited that functionality from our Rgenetics project is being made available through the GenSense offering; InforSense is the first commercial organization to do this.”

According to Company, it is now well placed to deliver on the promise of delivering biomarkers with the throughput that is possible from the new genotyping platforms. As whole genome association studies are becoming commonplace, analytics will be even more critical for delivering knowledge from these experiments.

“The InforSense KDE architecture, with its ability to incorporate the leading analysis techniques, flexibility in handling multiple data formats and ability to support streaming of very large data sets is ideally suited to provide the underlying platform on which to build GenSense,” said Jonathan Sheldon, Chief Science Officer, InforSense.

“What we have heard from researchers worldwide indicates that our product is in sync with academia and industry needs,” he said.

InforSense GenSense is made to enable the analysis of data from the latest generation of genotyping platforms. It has been designed to assist researchers understand complex analyses, find interesting SNP’s and produce reports to understand graphical summaries and interactive visualizations of large data sets.

The first version of GenSense can support data from both Illumina and Affymetrix and supports links to standard genomics data sources such as Entrez Gene, HapMap and dbSNPs.