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Inforsense Unveils InforSense® KDE 3.0

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InforSense Ltd has unveiled the new version of its flagship informatics platform, InforSense® KDE 3.0, for enterprise-wide decision-support. 

This latest version of InforSense KDE is designed to enable organizations to integrate and deliver tailored informatics environments - data resources, analytic software tools and applications - to specific decision-makers across the organization within a unified informatics framework. 

Scientists and business analysts will then use these resources in a dynamic and iterative way to answer business-critical problems. 
"We are excited to see InforSense KDE 3.0 which represents a significant milestone for both InforSense, and the evolution of workflow tools," commented Stephen Calvert, VP Cheminformatics at GlaxoSmithKline.

"Its robust engineering both supports our large-scale deployment plans enterprise-wide and enhanced ease of use for developers and scientists will make a difference to our ability to deliver new informatics tools as our business evolves."
"InforSense KDE is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for workflow-based intelligence delivery across enterprises in many industries," said Prof. Yike Guo, CEO and Founder, InforSense.

"The new 3.0 version enables organizations to achieve a truly horizontal integrative environment where every decision-maker can more easily access tailored information as they need it. The potential impact on enterprise productivity is immense."
The release contains interactive functions in both the main client interface and in applications deployed to users via the portal.

These enhancements include additional file import/export options, including direct Excel file import; improved performance for handling large datasets; interactive control of long-running jobs.

More reporting and output options including email notification; expanded choice of visualization options and curve fitting for scatter plots; customisable table cell rendering and enhanced interactivity with charts and visualization tools in portals; and access to guided end user applications from both the main desktop client and the portal interface.

InforSense KDE 3.0 is designed to provide the analytic workflow infrastructure to support all InforSense add-on modules: InforSense BioSense, ChemSense, TextSense, in-database Oracle analytics, and the Spotfire Connector. 

This version is fully compatible with previous releases of the InforSense platform and additional modules, and existing users can easily upgrade.
In addition, InforSense has announced a series of webcasts for customers and partners to showcase the latest features of KDE 3.0. 

The initial webcast in the series "What’s New in InforSense KDE 3.0" takes place on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 10:00am EST/3:00pm GMT and 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST.

To register for this webcast and to receive details of the InforSense webcast program, visit Company website.