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Ingenuity Systems Launches Biomarker Workflow Guide

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Ingenuity Systems has launched its biomarker workflow guide to formalize its ongoing biomarker initiative.

Scientists will be able to utilize Ingenuity Pathways Analysis to identify potentially useful biomarkers during the preclinical exploratory phase via analysis of gene expression array data or proteomics data.

With the workflow guide, researchers can prioritize biomarker leads by associating them with biology relevant to the observed phenotype.

IPA can also help researchers select biomarker panels from the most significant clusters by grouping clusters in the context of pathways, functions or diseases.

"We were able to use IPA's computational pathways analytics to develop network signatures from gene expression data and to identify a novel biomarker candidate for Mesothelioma," stated Dr. Harvey Pass, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Chief, Division of Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Oncology at New York University.

"Once we identify such biomarker candidates, we can look at larger cohorts of patients for further validation."

"We believe this Ingenuity methodology, which was used to find Osteopontin as a Mesothelioma marker as described in the New England Journal of Medicine, will become a standard protocol for biomarker discovery."

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis is a software application that is designed to enable researchers to model, analyze and understand the complex biological systems at the core of life science research.

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis is available as a web-delivered, hosted, or deployed solution. Fully functional complimentary trials are available online.