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Innovations In Sample Management at Virtual Biobanking Events

Innovations In Sample Management at Virtual Biobanking Events  content piece image
Credit: Ziath
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Registrants to these 2 important online events will be able to listen and learn about the latest innovative sample management products and application solutions that Ziath can provide – directly from the comfort of your own laboratory or office.

In biobanks and biorepositories - samples must be collected, processed, stored, and tracked properly in order for testing and research to be conducted properly. The effective management of sample collections is essential to the overall success of therapeutic drug discovery and development for personalized medicine. However, it is frequently one of the most overlooked aspects of a project. Inaccurate sample documentation can cause a loss of data, which can stall the progress of a research project. These costly mistakes mean that experiments may have to be repeated, and could ultimately delay or prevent valuable therapies from ever reaching the market. Ziath can alleviate these problems by implementing a system of efficient biobanking information management and sample control.

Steve Knight - Commercial Director for Ziath commented "We have developed an array of informative new online content to support our attendance at these virtual symposia. In addition to offering live chat interaction with our technical specialists during the actual events we will be adding additional content that will be available for scientists to download on demand. We hope you find our exhibition stand at these virtual symposia informative, interesting and a worthwhile experience".

Taking place on October 22-23 2020 - the ISBER 2020 Virtual Symposium for the international biobanking community will include interactive educational sessions, networking opportunities, abstract presentations, and an exhibit hall. The largest biobanking conference in Europe - Europe Biobank Week 2020 will take place between 17-20 November in a virtual format for the first time. Registration for these virtual events gives you access to the virtual meeting platform, including all live sessions and session recordings.