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Intelligent Sample Preparation Allows a Sensitive Pathogen Detection

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SIRS-Lab has announced the launch of Looxster™ product line at the 2nd international congress of the German Sepsis Society. 

Looxster™ is designed to provide a means for sample preparation that increases the sensitivity and therefore renders a broader use of the nucleic acid-based detection methods possible.

This increase in sensitivity is possible due to SIRS-Lab's Pureprove™ -Technology.

Use of the specific bacterial DNA binding characteristics of the Pureprove™ -Technology allows the enrichment of prokaryotic DNA from samples of various origins.

"The spectrum of applications is enormous", says Roberto Wolfer, Marketing manager from SIRS-Lab.

“Every application where the nucleic acid-based detection of bacterial pathogens encounters problems, enrichment of bacterial DNA can considerably increase the sensitivity of these detection methods".

"Today, we are already working on the broadening of Pureprove™ -Technology's spectrum of applications,” says Wolfer

“We will therefore shortly introduce a sample preparation system for the specific isolation and enrichment of bacterial DNA from whole blood."

Looxster™ Universal is delivered with all necessary reagents and consumables and is available in two sizes allowing 20 or 50 enrichments.

Looxster™ Universal can be ordered directly from SIRS-Lab.