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Invitrogen Introduces FISH Tag™ DNA and RNA Kits

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Invitrogen Corporation has announced the availability of FISH Tag™ DNA and RNA kits, which is designed to enable a complete workflow solution for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) including all reagents needed for probe synthesis, labeling, purification and imaging of the labeled substance.  

FISH Tag™ kits are optimized at every step in FISH, including the implementation of a two-step labeling procedure that eliminates the need for second detection methods, PureLink™ nucleic acid purification technology and SlowFade® Gold antifade reagent, which is designed to provide signal intensity. 

FISH Tag™ kits are available in single-color kits with one of four distinct Alexa Fluor® dyes or in multicolor kits with all four dyes to provide simultaneous localization of multiple sequence-specific RNA or DNA targets.