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Invitrogen Introduces Stealth™ RNAi Human Kinase Collection

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Invitrogen Corporation has announced the release of its Stealth™ RNAi Human Kinase Collection.

This collection marks Invitrogen's entry into the siRNA collections market and the initiation of efforts in building a Stealth™ RNAi Human Essential Druggable Genome Collection.

Invitrogen claims that, the Stealth™ RNAi Human Kinase Collection's performance surpasses conventionally designed siRNA collections by leveraging an effective, proprietary designed algorithm, the most up-to-date bioinformatic analysis, and an advanced specificity search.

“Accurate RNAi design, and more importantly specificity, is on everyone's mind right now,” said Peter Welch, R&D Director for Gene Regulation.

“By launching the Stealth™ RNAi Human Kinase Collection Invitrogen has demonstrated its commitment to meeting the increasing customer demand for RNAi collections designed with the latest algorithms and highest specificity.”

“Stealth™ RNAi technology, coupled with the most advanced algorithm available, provides exactly that.”

Stealth™ RNAi is a modified RNA duplex that provides researchers with the advantage of higher specificity through reduced off-target and non-specific effects.

This will minimize false positive hits when screening, and result in the highest quality data.

“With our deep portfolio of research capabilities, Invitrogen is in a unique position to support kinase research,” said Gregory T. Lucier, Chairman and CEO of Invitrogen Corporation.

“Being the first-to-market with a chemically modified siRNA collection illustrates both our dedication and expertise in the RNAi field.”

“As the RNAi market leader, we will continue to provide researchers and scientists with the highest quality tools and support necessary to assist in the next echelon of drug discovery.”

The launch of the Stealth™ RNAi Kinase Collection, combined with Invitrogen's portfolio of human kinase proteins and matched assays, establishes Invitrogen as the premier partner for kinase research and discovery.

Invitrogen is currently releasing other gene family collections and finishing synthesis on the Stealth™ RNAi Human Essential Druggable Genome Collection which should be available in early 2006.