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Invitrogen Launches E-Gel® Clonewell SYBR® Safe Gels And E-Gel® iBASE™ Power System

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Invitrogen Corporation has announced the availability of the E-Gel® CloneWell SYBR® Safe gels and E-Gel® iBase™ Power System. 

When used together, this system allows users to extract DNA bands of interest from the gel without any additional purification steps, saving time and effort while maximizing the amount of DNA recovered. 

The E-Gel® CloneWell gels feature two rows of wells; samples are loaded into the top row and electrophoresis carried out until the band of interest moves into the bottom row of wells from which it can be retrieved very simply with a pipette. 

The E-Gel® iBase™ Power System has a built-in power supply and fits on the Safe Imager™ Blue-Light Transilluminator so the user can safely watch the DNA bands migrate in the gel. 

DNA recovered from CloneWell gels is compatible with all common cloning methods and gives improved cloning efficiency. 

The E-Gel® iBase™ also features a "Speed" setting that allows E-Gels to be run in just seven minutes.