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Jivan Launches PCR Primers For Genome-Wide Alternate Splicing Detection

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Jivan Biologics has announced the launch of human PCR primer set for genome-wide splice variant detection.

Jivan claims that, using its splice variant specific PCR primers, scientists can quickly identify changes in RNA splicing for human genes of interest. Scientists can discover splice isoforms by sequencing unexpected PCR products.

"Jivan's genome-wide PCR primer set is another industry first, as well as a pioneering solution to one of the great challenges in the post-genomic era," said Subha Srinivasan, PhD, CEO of Jivan Biologics.

"It complements Jivan's splice array product line by making it easier for scientists to follow up on their discoveries."

Customers for Jivan's TransExpress™ splice arrays can order the corresponding PCR primer pairs for oligonucleotide probes on any TransExpress™ array.

Each PCR primer pair spans an exon junction or alternately spliced site. Alternatively, researchers can directly order PCR primers for genes and splice variants of interest, bypassing microarray screening entirely.