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Koada Unveils Koadarray V2.6

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Koada Technology has announced the release of V2.6 of Koadarray, software for automated microarray image analysis and quantification

Roland Howe, founder of Koada Technology said, "Koadarray was already the best automated microarray image analysis software available, but we have now improved the spot finding algorithms still further."

"We believe that Koadarray can now automatically analyse any rectangular microarray image where the block locations are visible, and we challenge any researcher to send us one that it cannot analyse."

"Koadarray also uses remarkably accurate spot quantification methods, which can actually identify and remove artefact areas from within the spot perimeters," added Roland Howe.

"Very revealing comparisons of spot finding and quantification with the widely acknowledged market leading software can be seen on our web site."

Koadarray key advantages includes: Fully automatic spot finding, Batch image analysis, Accurate spot quantification and artefact removal, Simple one click image processing, Reliable spot confidence index, Configurable data output.

Koadarray V2.6 contains a number of improvements, notable of which are the improved spot finding algorithms and the ability to output data in a GenePix compatible format.