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Kreatech Launches Small RNA Labeling Kit

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Kreatech Biotechnology has announced the release of the latest in a continuing line of labeling kits for gene expression applications, the "Small RNA Labeling Kit".

Kreatech claims that, the small RNA labeling kit exploits the true power of the ULS labeling technology in its ability to directly label any and all sizes of naturally occurring nucleic acids without the need of enzymes.

The discovery of small RNA's that have regulatory effects on gene expression has excited researchers to elucidate and characterize the function of these molecules in molecular processes and as possible tools in drug discovery.

One common way to examine these small RNA's, either siRNAs or miRNAs, is to analyze them on a microarray. 

Due to their small size, these RNA molecules prove very difficult to label via the enzymatic reactions common to NHS-ester chemistry.

Since the ULS labeling technology it is a non enzymatic labeling reaction whose labeling efficiency is independent of fragment size, ULS enjoys an advantage because it can just as efficiently labels small RNA molecules as it does all nucleic acids.

The small RNA labeling kit labels small RNAs such as miRNA or siRNA within 15 minutes in a one step incubation step, without enzymes.

This kit will provide users with the reagents necessary to label 20µg of small RNA as well as the specially designed KREApure purification columns.

These columns were developed to specifically remove unreacted ULS reagent from the labeling reaction.

The KREApure columns have no affinity for nucleic acids and for this reason the recovery is extremely high and fragments of all sizes flow through, making it ideal for work with small RNA samples.

This kit offers the ULS labeling molecule bound to leading dyes from GE Healthcare/Amersham (CyDyes™). 

"Our Small RNA labeling kit expands and showcases the versatility of the ULS technology," according to Brent Keller, General Manager of Kreatech USA and VP Commercial Operations.

"This kit allows for the fast, robust and reproducible labeling of miRNA's and siRNA's, important emerging research tools, where other enzymatic methods have failed."

"Additionally, ULS now proves that is truly a "molecular glue" that is independent of fragment length, is platform independent, substrate independent, and will enable the researcher to broaden the scope of their experimental conditions." 

Kreatech's ULS technology relies on the special binding properties of transition metals, especially platinum, to form coordinative bonds with biomolecules by binding to specific sites on DNA, RNA and proteins.

In this way, ULS acts as relatively simple "molecular glue" for DNA, RNA and proteins.

As a result of its versatility, customers have a choice of the molecular label attached to the ULS they can use to label the biomolecules of interest.
Kreatech currently commercializes labeling kits for aRNA labeling, small RNA labeling, arrayCGH labeling, general nucleic acid labeling, and recently introduced kits for protein labeling on antibody arrays.