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Laboratories in Times of Social Distancing and Remote Work

Laboratories in Times of Social Distancing and Remote Work content piece image
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The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has a wide range of effects on laboratories around the world. This includes not only the current high volume of requests for PCR tests for the novel coronavirus.  It has challenged laboratories worldwide with respect to quickly adopting digital technologies to cope with the new norms of social distancing, remote work away from laboratory benches. These past months have proven that digitalization is central to every interaction – in the private realm as well as in business – and has fast-tracked the acceptance of digital solutions. In fact, our everyday lives, and therefore our work in the laboratory, are bound to experience noticeable and lasting changes.

Various approaches exist for optimizing laboratories for improving the use of existing assets through digital applications. In order to meet the new demands and overcome challenges in laboratories worldwide, Eppendorf offers smart lab management software solutions for laboratory management, such as the VisioNize® Lab Suite, which enhance productivity for all routine tasks in the laboratory.

VisioNize Lab Suite is the solution for effective lab management in the areas of remote monitoring, alarm notifications, device management and task management. The service suite is continually updated and as such, it represents a sustainable investment in the laboratory of the future.

Back in 1961, Eppendorf launched the world's first microliter system, the "Marburg Pipette", thus revolutionizing pipetting forever. The year 2021 marks both the 60th anniversary of this groundbreaking development and the next step Eppendorf is taking to support scientists on the way to the networked laboratory of the future.