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LabVantage Solutions Introduces New Advanced Storage & Logistics™ Module for Sapphire™

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LabVantage has announced the release of the Advanced Storage & Logistics Module for Sapphire (Sapphire ASL).

Sapphire ASL can provide complete location management and storage of any laboratory item, with electronic signature records for chain of custody and audit trails across multiple storage facilities.

It can also facilitate package shipping and receiving associated with each item providing material handling within any organization.

Sapphire ASL was designed to address an organization's challenges in accurately tracking complex laboratory item acquisition, location, and disposition with heightened regulatory compliance, for both short and long storage periods.

The Company claims that the solution is tailored to support multiple areas of responsibility within an organization, and is optimized for high volume, batch operations that can involve many items and containers at one time.

Sapphire ASL is robust, yet flexible, to support custodial tracking depending on an organization's requirements, whether related to R&D, formulation, stability analysis, quality management, etc.

Key features of Sapphire ASL include: Centralized material tracking in support of organization-wide inventory control; detailed location & shipment management; aliquot, derivative & pooled sample tracking; complete handling assurance; electronic signature capture on transfer & disposition.

"Sapphire ASL is an advanced solution for laboratory inventory management and logistics," said Ronald Kasner, Vice President, Corporate Development of LabVantage.

"The release of Sapphire ASL further demonstrates LabVantage's ability to enable organizations to extend beyond the world of traditional LIMS on one Sapphire product platform that contains additional functionality typically found in multiple laboratory systems across the global enterprise."