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Leica’s Inverted Routine Microscope with LED Light Source

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The Leica DM IL LED is inverted, routine microscope to combine Leica Microsystems optics with LED illumination. The low-maintenance light source with no heat build-up, the long free working distance, and the system’s high stability create ideal conditions for imaging live samples.

The Leica DM IL LED and the Leica DM IL FLUO fluorescence can be individually configured with a wide range of optics and accessories.

The Leica DM IL LED is ideal for a wide variety of cell and tissue culture examinations in biology and medicine, studies in development biology, micromanipulation, and live cell experiments in transgenics or electrophysiology.

The versatile Leica DM IL FLUO for fluorescence applications, such as GFP labeling, is also available with a choice of 50W or 100W HBO lamp housing or the Leica EL6000 fluorescence illumination system. This 120W metal halide/HBO lamp requires no centering, uses a fiber optic light guide to keep heat away from the microscope. Plus it lasts an average of 2000 hours.

The Leica DM IL LED’s transmitted light illumination, condensers, and contrast techniques are specifically designed for cytobiological applications. All available contrast techniques adjust to individual requirements. Leica Microsystems’ integrated modulation contrast (IMC) does not require special objectives.