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LI-COR Introduces Line of IR-Labeled Secondary Antibodies

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LI-COR Biosciences has announced the introduction of a line of infrared-labeled secondary antibody products.

LI-COR now supplies four types of popular secondary antibodies including IRDye® 800CW Goat anti-Rabbit, IRDye 800CW Goat anti-Mouse, IRDye 680 Goat anti-Rabbit and IRDye 680 Goat anti-Mouse.

Outperforming visible fluorescent dyes, IRDye infrared dyes on LI-COR imaging systems are designed to generate accurate quantitative data with high sensitivity due to low background and signal to noise ratio of the IRDye 680 and IRDye 800CW conjugates.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to become a supplier of high quality infrared-dye labeled secondary antibodies," says Neeraj Asundi, LI-COR marketing product manager.

"Our customers can have confidence in the quality of our infrared antibodies as they were designed and tested specifically for use with Odyssey® and Aerius® applications."

These IRDye-labeled antibodies are for use on LI-COR's Odyssey Infrared Imaging System and the Aerius Automated Infrared Imaging System.