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Lonza Announces Results of the 2021 Annual General Meeting

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Lonza Group Ltd has hosted its Annual General Meeting, led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Albert M. Baehny. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, no shareholders were admitted to attend the Annual General Meeting in person. Lonza had previously recommended that shareholders delegate their votes to the independent proxy on 25 March 2021. The independent proxy represented 100% of the 47,080,080 votes represented at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board members standing for re-election (Albert M. Baehny, Werner Bauer, Dorothée Deuring, Angelica Kohlmann, Christoph Mäder, Barbara Richmond, Jürgen Steinemann and Olivier Verscheure) were all elected for a further term in office of one year.

The Annual General Meeting re-elected Albert M. Baehny as Chairman of the Board of Directors for a term in office of one year. The shareholders also re-elected Angelica Kohlmann, Christoph Mäder and Jürgen Steinemann as the three acting members of the Nomination and Compensation Committee.

The shareholders supported all other motions proposed by the Board of Directors, including among others the acceptance of the remuneration report and the binding votes on the compensation for the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The shareholders also approved the renewal of the authorized share capital.

A dividend of CHF 3.00 per share, as proposed by the Board of Directors and accepted by the shareholders, will be paid out starting from 12 May 2021. Fifty percent of this dividend will be paid out of the capital contribution reserve and will be free from Swiss withholding tax.