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Luminex Announces Launch of Luminex® 200™

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Luminex Corporation has announced the immediate availability of the Luminex 200, the advancement of Luminex's line of microsphere-based multiplexed detection instruments based on the Company's proprietary xMAP® technology.

The Luminex 200 is designed to meet the multiplexed testing needs of the clinical and research laboratory professional.

The Luminex 200 further solidifies the established leadership of Luminex in both nucleic acid and protein-based multiplexing technology by incorporating features that further enhance ease of use for the end-users.

The Luminex 200 is designed around the same xMAP technology as the Luminex 100, enabling customers who upgrade to this system to continue to use applications validated on earlier Luminex systems.

Luminex CEO, Patrick J. Balthrop stated, "All of us at Luminex are pleased to deliver this exciting new instrument platform to the market."

"With over 3000 Luminex instruments sold to date, we have established a clear leadership position in bead-based multiplexing."

"The newly designed Luminex 200 brings reliability and ease-of-use to even higher levels."

"Our partners have all expressed excitement about launching this new product to complement their ever-growing applications menus."